Our Services

Ruby on Rails Web App Development Services

We provide full-stack services of website application development. Generally, our Ruby on Rails Web App development services consist of Ruby on Rails Web App Development and Ruby on Rails Web App Maintenance. LARION's Ruby on Rails Web App Development Services are custom-tailored, end-to-end development that goes from vision to business value creation. Standardization of the development process, with the support of automated frameworks and tools, is part of our core...

Social and E-commerce App Development Services

The world economy today witnesses the emergence of a new evolutionary stage of e-commerce called “social apponomics.” There is a shift of main value drivers for e-commerce from direct monetization of online traffic to customer life-cycle management. Critical success factors include full understanding of customer needs and creation of positive online customer experiences. LARION can help. We provide full-stack services of social utility and e-commerce application...

Data Normalization Services

LARION’s Data Normalization Services involve Standardization, Normalization, Attribution, Rationalization and Enrichment of Master Data of Materials, Purchased Products or Catalogues and Utilization of such normalized data for developing software applications to be used in supply chain management and e-commerce to create value for customers. Normalized data is a significant value driver, especially in terms of cost savings, market insights, business performance...

Credential Data Services

LARION provides the most reliable data along with superior technology solutions to help credential verification organizations go an extra mile in screening, verifications, monitoring and credentialing and enable mitigation of reputational risks, financial risks, and legal risks for their clients. Depending on your choice, we may serve as your extended arm, going full length of the credentialing process, or just take care of the data normalization jobs.

SurroundCore Banking Solutions

As business grows, more business processes are gradually added by banks. Along the way, more tools have been developed and added around their Core Banking System in order to enable such additional business processes. With time, hundreds of tools may be developed surrounding the Core Banking System. And that's when problems happen: huge workload, time consumption, synchronization issues, etc. The SurroundCore Solutions optimize the surrounding tools of a core...