Why Work for LARION

At LARION we know that our greatest assets are our people. We believe that investing in, and recognition of our employees is core to our long term success.

  • Our Culture and Behaviours
    • Our team’s wellbeing and happiness in the workplace means a lot to us. At LARION our culture and values insist that behaviors are open, honest and inclusive.
    • We provide a professional and friendly workplace environment. Our working practices are fully compliant with current labor, health and safety legislations.
  • Employee Benefits
    • We provide a comprehensive and competitive Employee Benefits package that can be tailored to each individual’s specific needs including: support with transportation costs, annual company trips and overseas travel opportunities.
    • Employees are rewarded through our Bonus Scheme, which is based on improving our customer satisfaction rating and providing valued added services to the company.
    • The provision of training and education opportunities is considered vital to our employees’ ability to positively contribute. LARION can provide help with tuition fees to gain relevant qualifications.
  • Career Path and Professional Development
    • LARION rewards success through rapid promotional prospects and a clearly-defined career development path.
    • We are committed to helping our people to achieve their full potential across a wide range of technical and soft-skill competencies. Through a mixture of structured training classes, online learning courses and professional development workshops our employees are encouraged to expand their professional knowledge and learn new skills on a daily basis.
    • Course topics range from leadership development and personal effectiveness to productivity tools for project management and mastery of specific technologies. These programs use standard criteria for measuring performance and provide the individual with recognition and accreditation for skills acquired and developed.

Your success is our success. Join us at LARION to discover your full potential!